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Dense and Denser

1. aquarium stones, wood chips, shampoo, corn syrup, sand, water.
2. I chose this ranking because the solids should have the highest density because they are solid and the the uses of the other substances are more dence because of their use such as shampoo shouldn't be less dencs so it can stay on your hand.

Calculate and Compare

1. The density is 1.363
2. 0.033333...
3. 5.0/4.0= 1.25 and 8.0/5.6=1.428. block of wood has a bigger density then rubbing alcohol.
4. The only substances with a lower density then rubbing alcohol is gasoline and wood
5. gasoline would be on top becaue it has the lowest density
6. The mass is 80.

Check and Reflect

1.substance generally has a greater density in its solid state tha in its liquid state and gas state. one exception to this is water.
2. The particles move quickly when heat added. This causes the volume ot increase even though the same nuber of particles in a larger volume,the density decreases.
3. push and pull are happening.


Mass (g) Volume (ml)
0.8 1.0
1.6 2.0
2.4 3.0
3.2 4.0

a) When the volume changes the mass gets bigger.
b) The density of the oil is 0.8.
c) The density doesn't change.


Worldwide Shipping

1. a) A benefit of shipping of oil in oli tankers is that they can go fast and are better than underwater tunnels
b) Some problems are that they pollute a lot and if they leak they will ruin the water.
2. a) Some benefits are that contries that don't have that fruit